What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is the study of Biometric Print / Fingerprint. Fingerprints are unique and are connected with one’s genetic composition and are directly related to our nervous system. In other words, Dermatoglyphics can reveal our innate qualities and talents. Dermatoglyphics has been studies for years in the medical fields, especially when it comes to genetically-linked diseases. 

In our Analysis Process we use Dermatoglyphics (Biometric) as a tool which is Scientifically Approved in the year 1926 after almost 241 years of continuous Research of several Scientists. Dermatoglyphics (Biometric) helps in knowing / determining Brain Profiling.

Dermatoglyphics is the study of the outline or the pattern on fingers and hands. These patterns are distinctive and are related to one’s genetic formation and are closely linked to our nervous system. In simple words, Dermatoglyphics can disclose our inherent qualities and talents. It is analyzed and verified with facts in anthropology, genetics, medicine and statistics.

Dermatoglyphics was invented way back in 1926 by Dr. Harold Cummins, who is recognized as a father of Dermatoglyphics, even though the concept of fingerprint identification had been in use for several years. Harold covered each and every aspect of fingerprint analysis starting from anthropology to genetics, from the study of malformed hands to embryology.

Graphs / Patterns / Designs are present on palm of hand and sole of feet of every human and animals. This helps provide information into a critical period of embryogenesis, between fourth to fifth months of pregnancy, when the major organ systems are developing.

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